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The earth is perpetually in motion, as are its inhabitants. Each year brings a sink and swell of populations. Whether it is a butterfly, bird, or a human. All move and jostle to coming and going of this yearly tide. This body of work looks at muted energy that is left behind once people have left a place. What lies in its wake is an eerie quiet steeped in nostalgia. Occupied, often crowded places left to weather their ever recurrent hibernation. The echo of a vibrant not so distant past ever present, muted by the vastness, sustained in the knowledge of the inevitable. The rhythm of the earth shows that all is temporary. Often climate is the catalyst motivating the search for greener pastures, when things are scarce. It is in this annual exhale and space that these images were made.


As a product of coastal Maine, a place all too familiar with seasonal change. Summer and winter are separated by an ocean of divergence. I always appreciated the startling contrast and transformation communities and the natural world undergo in the passing of a year. A once humming main street simmers to a faint undertone as the leave change and trickle back to earth. The ocean once a clutter with lobster buoys of all colors and boats of all sizes, is left to it’s self. Thick forests and green fields taper off to a colorless blanket of white.Towns can become a thing of an extrovert’s nightmare, devoid of almost all human activity. Not all sleeps in the long quiet, streetlights are still on, roads are still maintained, kettles are still on. The ones that remain are witness to the shift and are given the space free from the often deafening staccato of commerce and traffic. Many, such as myself, look at this time not as a desolate sleep, but rather a rejuvenating respite. I time to look inward, when there are fewer distractions at hand. It can be a time of great creation, filling the void left by human silence. There is no standing still it is impossible to set an anchor against the current of time.

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