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Taking the long way home, a seemingly lost pastime in an ever shrinking world. Stopping, pausing, appreciating the beauty flying by the window. Replaced by the ease of air travel, the famous veins connecting point A to B have quieted. The routes and interstates reserved for freight transportation and those few with time and an adventurous spirit. Often those considered well-traveled have explored very little of their own country. A bounty of cultural landscapes await, when tracing the highways and byways. 


With the liberty of time, my adventurous spirit has transported me to places many choose to bypass. Stumbling on vantages unexplored, this work beckoned, pulling the car to a stop, capturing a moment that might have been lost. The great American road trip, my count is now at eight. Eight weeklong treks across this diverse country. Each time a different route, a different experience. The space between point A to point B more important than the destination. 


This show is a cumulative exploration of places I have traveled. Number eight, taken this winter (Maine to California to Washington and back to Maine) I decided to be my final cross country journey. This decision inspiring even more attention to the moments flying by, even more pulling the car to a stop. 


As Paul Theroux wisely said, “Travel is glamourous only in retrospect.” Days of sitting, living off of gas station coffee, fast food and 5-hour energy, these captured scenes clear the mind, conjuring up that quiet moment past, a pause, and the glamour of the space between resonates. 

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